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What are paid custom options?

For custom license plates, dog tags, air fresheners, and other [all customized and sold products] that are manufactured and sold at our shop, pay [additional charges] to [normally non-customizable parts], and further. It is an option to [customize according to customer's request].

What is an additional image correction 3 times ticket?

At our shop, there is always [calibration confirmation by image image] before production.

In normal customization, if there is a correction in the image, we will support it as many times as necessary until it meets the customer's request.

However, there are many customers who get lost because the content of [Paid Custom Option] has a high degree of freedom.

If we create a modified image each time, honestly, the work of creating the image will be enormous.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will only modify the image for customers using the [Paid Custom Option] up to 3 times.

* The number of corrections when there is a mistake due to our human error is not included.

If the number of image image corrections exceeds 3 times:

However, if the number of corrections exceeds 3 times and the corrections are made after the 4th time, a separate option [Additional image correction 3 times ticket @ 500 yen (excluding tax)] will be charged as an additional correction image creation fee. increase.

With an additional cost of 500 yen (excluding tax), you can further modify the image [up to 3 times].

This fee is non-refundable, so no refund will be given even if the calibration is completed within 3 additional times. note that.

It takes time and effort to create a modified image.I would appreciate your understanding.

How do you pay the extra cost?

This cost is [uncertainty], so [it is not necessary to add it when ordering].

If the image is corrected for the 4th time or later during proofreading, we will charge you for this additional cost.