I want to see the image before ordering!

During business hours (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00) teeth [Approximately 5 to 15 minutes] and Image image 【free】 create! (* Within 1 business day outside business hours)

I will guide you below, Either way You can request to create an image from. Either is OK Therefore, please choose according to your convenience.

【※Fastest※】 (1) Request an image on LINE

LINE is more convenient than email is! From the customer to our LINE official account Answer the request form If you can, Send image image via LINE To do!

1. Register our shop as a friend

Please read the QR code below or click the button below to add our official LINE account to your friends.

- OR -


2. Tap "Request to create free image image"

If the menu is displayed

 If the menu is not displayed

As mentioned above, tap the "Request to create free image image" button! First, tap the section "Contact us from help" to display the menu. Then tap "Request for free image creation" on the left!

3. Tap "Request for free"

4. Tap a choice

4-1. First-time users

For the first time, tap "Click here for the first time"!

The next operation method is "5. Confirm the request method" What!

4-2. Those who know how to request

If you already know how to request, tap "I know how to request"!

The next operation method is" 6. Answer the request form " What!

5. Check the request method

5-1. Swipe to see how to request

Swipe left or right as shown in the image below to see how to reference the information required for your request.

After confirming, tap "Confirmed"!

How to find a SKU
 How to refer to custom parts

5-2. Select an option and tap

If you already know the SKU of the image you want to request, tap "Yes"!

If you are looking for a product from now on, tap "Search for a product from the homepage" to go to the homepage.

6. Answer the request form

6-1. Select the type you want to request

Swipe left or right, select the type of product you want to request, and tap "Request for free"!

Then tap the "Answer" button that appears next!

6-2. Fill out the form and send the answer

Please fill in the form while referring to the customized part of each product.

After completing the input, tap "Send answer"!

7. We will send the image from our shop on LINE!

This completes the image request! During business hoursteeth About 5 to 15 minutes After business hours teethWithin 1 business day So, the image image LINE I will send it at.

(2) Request from the inquiry form

If you proceed from the inquiry form below, you can request to create an image.

After receiving your inquiry During business hours Is about 5 to 15 minutes After business hoursWithin 1 business day We will reply to you with an email with an image attached.

Click here for image image request form

[Important] Please allow us to receive emails from "pl8hero.com" in advance!

When making inquiries Email address required Will be. In addition, the created image will be attached to the email and replied.

However, the customer Carrier mail (docomo, ezweb, softbank, etc.) If you are using The email from our shop is judged to be junk email and does not arrive Likely, In many cases, the customer does not receive the created image.

for that reason, Receiving permission settings from the domain of "pl8hero.com" in advance Thank you.