What does YOURTXT mean?

The original license plate handled by PL8HERO has "" by default. YOURTXT Is displayed.

In addition, the design with the symbol in the middle is " URT EXT It is also written as ".

If you write this "YOUR TXT" correctly, it will be " YOUR TEXT ".

Similarly, URT EXT is read as "U (YOU) R TEXT" by abbreviating "YOU" to 6 letters.

What does YOUR TEXT mean?

Once you know how to read it, the meaning is simple. " YOUR TEXT Translated literally, " Your writing "It means that.

In other words, this " YOUR TEXT The part of the notation is ...

Your writing 」 =「 You can enter your favorite characters

In the sense of ↑, we use it in our shop.

On rare occasions, some customers were wondering, "Why is it all written as YOUR TXT?", So I explained it.

In addition, our license plate is YOURTXT Other than the notation, the character part is Basically everything can be customized is.

Please try to make your own original license plate with PL8 HERO!