What kind of shop is it?


Our shop was born in 2012 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

In March 2022, the cumulative number of units sold exceeded 20,000.

In September 2020, the total number of followers of SNS such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LINE increased to more than 10,000 thanks to you.

Approximately 96% of customers select the 5 highest rated ★★★★★ *. (* Data from the ordered order that received the review) We have received very satisfactory results.

  • June 2012 ・ Yahoo! Auctions! Started personal sales & opened homepage at
  • April 2013 ・ Hamuchan, inc. Officially opened
  • December 2013 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 500
  • July 2014 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 1000
  • May 2016 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 5,000
  • November 2018 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 10,000
  • September 2020 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 15,000
  • October 2020 ・ Changed the store name to PL8 HERO (plate hero)
  • March 2022 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 20000

The story of how the store started

The reason I started the store was when Shibusawa, the store manager, personally moved.


Originally an American lover, I was looking for an American nameplate to use for my new home.

However, there are no nameplates in Japan that I think are good ...


So, using the internet ...

Discover a store where you can customize your license plate in the United States.

I ordered with a prompt decision, "It's okay if the license plate is a new nameplate!"

I immediately ordered with the last name "SHIBUSAWA".


Since it is shipped from the United States, I wonder if it will arrive in two weeks ...

I've been waiting, but I can't reach it. (smile)


When such a blank time passed [60 days] ...


Somehow a dirty cardboard board is stuck in the post!

This is because the nameplate of the example has arrived! !! !!


And when I opened it with high tension ...

The plate that I should have ordered with the last name "SHIBUSAWA" is

It was a plate like this.


(There are no photos left at that time, it is an image.)


e! ??

I'm missing my last name (angry)


The plate you should have ordered at "SHIBUSAWA" is

It's a shameful "HIBUSAW" ...

Moreover, the print quality is also the worst.


That is the jagged and jerky image quality output by a poor quality printer.

It was a failed work with pixels, as if it were back in the 8-bit era. .. ..


The only thing I thought was disappointed with the terrible workmanship.


"If this is the case, you can make it yourself!"


Here is the result.


In this way, it was all the beginning to start handmade. (smile)


The nameplates I handmade have a good reputation with friends and family,

We received many requests, "I want you to make it yourself!"


It's really hard to make it for free, so

Started sales between individuals at "Yahoo! Auctions!"


If you notice, your orders will increase ...

A homepage will be opened in the middle of 2012.

For tax reasons, it officially opened in 2013 as a sole proprietorship.

At the same time, overseas sales also started based on the shopping site in the United States of America.


And in 2020, to strengthen overseas sales and unify the brand

We changed the name to "PL8 HERO" and continue to the present.