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In 2012, I started making license plates in the United States for some reason.Detail is" What kind of shop is it? This page introduces the origin of the name PL8HERO and what kind of motto we have in our work.

Origin of PL8HERO (plate hero)

PL8 HERO is hard to read at first glance, but when written in official English words, it is written as "PLATE HERO".

When the word "PLATE" is divided into "PL" and "ATE", replace the "ATE" part with the number "8" and read "PL8". I am.

Why did you name it "Plate Hero"?

To explain that, I go back to my personal "old story."

When I was 16 years old, I was blessed with a family environment when I was in high school, and I left Japan and lived in Canada and the United States while studying abroad.

Especially in the United States, I get homework called "homework" almost every day, but I didn't want to study until I got home, so I had free time between classes, lunch time, and school bus. He used his spare time to leave and finished his "homework" before he got home.

The friends around me who knew it ...

"Hey, Koy! (My nickname), isn't homework done anyway? Can you make a note? (Laughs)"

What a feeling, the notebook I wrote was copied by several people before the class started, and the style of "If you forget to do your homework, ask Koy!" Has become established. (smile)

I finally get back to the main subject, but what I was often told by my friends when I asked them to return their notes ...

"Koy is our hero!"

Was the word.

At first, I was told so often that I said, "Yes, I know, always ask the hero when you have a problem (laughs)."

Now, decades after that, when I look back, "heroes" are now only appearing in movies and anime.

The "hero" I was talking about was a homework "hero" ... (laughs)

Even so, will it ever be called a "hero"?

I also want to be a "hero" by helping someone like the main character in a movie.

I came to draw such thoughts.

At that time, I was strengthening overseas sales, so I was thinking about what to do with the store name for overseas.

So, with the license plate "plate" that I originally sold ...

From the desire to "become a hero" by helping customers and people in need ...

I arrived at the store name "Plate Hero".

I'm still Japanese, so I read "8" in the so-called "spreading out" as "eight" because it's a test-taker ...

I decided to change the English name to "PL8 HERO".

In this way, in 2018, the name of the overseas shop was updated to "PL8 HERO", and in Japan, the shop operated by "hamuchan, inc." Was changed to "PL8 HERO" in 2020 due to brand integration. Changed to.

PL8HERO's motto

1. Become your hero

Since we mainly deal on the Internet, there is a disadvantage that we cannot meet with customers.

For this reason, we do not just click to purchase products, but try to put "direct communication with customers" in between.

This covers a wide range of tasks, such as confirming proofreading by e-mail, listening to the customer's "raw" voice from inquiries, and immediately reflecting the content of the review in the service.

By listening to the voices of actual customers and responding to their requests as much as possible, "Become your hero" That is the first motto.

2. Become a hero for people in need

"Become a hero for people in need" Is the second motto.

This is not just about pursuing profits, but about returning some of the feelings we receive from our customers to people in need around the world.

We are supported by our customers, and we also have to support someone.

In particular, there are many people suffering from poverty, hunger and illness not only in Japan but all over the world.

Conveniently, the widespread use of the Internet has made it possible to support those people while still in Japan.

Because it is such a convenient era, we will carry out support activities that we can do and "Become a hero for people in need" With that as a goal, Social contribution activities I am doing.

3. Become a hero of all the earth

Humans are not the only ones in trouble.

Not only the environmental problems surrounding humans, but also the creatures and nature that are in danger of life due to the environmental problems ...

We have no future unless we protect the problems that are occurring on a global scale "immediately".

Humans who have destroyed nature so badly "Become a hero of all the earth" I think it's awkward.

But I want to do something rather than do nothing!

From that thought, "Become a hero of all the earth" To be Environmental protection activities I also participate in.

At the end

It's been a long time, but these are the essence of PL8 HERO that we run and the mission that we will continue to carry out.

All of these missions are PL8 HERO only for our customers, so we will continue to strive to meet everyone's expectations.

We look forward to your continued support.