What is different from other stores?

Product making that is particular about "America".

At our shop, we basically import the base material directly from the United States. There are many cheap ones to look for, but they are still made in China or Japan. And the quality is also commensurate with the low cost.

At our shop, with the motto "Providing genuine America to our customers", we import most of the materials from the United States and make products that are particular about the United States.

American products, for better or for worse, are made to "American standards". The advantage is that it is tough and durable, but the disadvantage is that it is not elaborately made, but worse, it is "rough".

However, such "roughness" is one of the attractions of American products.One of the strengths of our products is that we can feel the warmth and humanity of each product, which is made by hand, not the elaborate and cold products made by machines.

Handmade one by one. Therefore, the degree of freedom is high.

It looks like it's produced by a machine, but it's not. Each piece is carefully handmade. Therefore, there is a lot of freedom, and it is a point unique to our shop that you can customize various parts in detail.

Staff familiar with USA license plates manage everything from design to production.

Staff with experience living in the United States manage everything from design to production. In addition to direct communication with the American side, we also carry out detailed design, production adjustment, material management, etc.