Refund policy

▼ If the arrived item is defective
Please be sure to contact "info@ " by e-mail [within 7 days after the item arrives].We will respond promptly. Please note that we will not be able to accept returns / refunds if you contact us after a while. Also, if you return the product without contacting us, we will not refund it, so please be sure to send an email to "info @". Please contact us.

In addition, when you contact us about a defect, please take some pictures of the defective part and attach it, so that the response will be smooth.

Refunds will be made promptly after confirming the details of the defect.Please note that we cannot return the product if it is caused by the characteristics of the product that cannot be recognized as defective.

The refund method will be based on the payment method used when placing the order.

▼ Custom items cannot be returned!
Custom products are [one-of-a-kind] products that are produced one by one with special specifications. As a general rule, one item cannot be returned because it cannot be reused even if it is returned. In addition, production will start when the image is approved. [Cancellation is not possible after the start of production. ] Please note.

▼ Returns and refunds due to customer convenience
We will accept returns due to customer's convenience if it is [within 7 days after the item arrives], but only when [the item is not unpacked at all] or [not used at all].If the package is unpacked or used even a little, it cannot be resold after it is returned, so we cannot accept returns.

In the case of returns for the convenience of the customer, the return shipping fee is the customer's "prepayment".If the item is shipped by cash on delivery, it will be rejected, so please be sure to ship it by the customer's "prepayment".

Refunds will be made if the product is returned to our shop by the customer in advance and there is no problem with the condition of the product. The refund method will be based on the payment method used when placing the order.

▼ For customers who purchase dog supplies
We do not accept returns or exchanges of products with hair or dirt on them, even if they are used only once indoors.Please note.