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What are paid custom options?

For custom license plates, dog tags, air fresheners, and other [all customized and sold products] that are manufactured and sold at our shop, pay [additional charges] to [normally non-customizable parts], and further. It is an option to [customize according to customer's request].

What is layout change?

It is an option to move [characters] and [parts] in the original design according to your request, and to change the number of lines of characters.

○ Example of layout change

  • Since the upper character has only one line in the original design, I want to make it two lines

  • I want to add a new character string in the margin

  • I want to put words in the registration number part instead of the date

  • I want to attach a frame, so I want to move the upper and lower letters 1 cm inward so that the letters are not covered

It may not be possible to change

In [Embossed plate], [Layout cannot be changed] in [Embossed character part]. This is because the mold position for embossing unevenly is [fixed]. note that.

In addition, even with the embossed plate, the parts that become [flat print], including [characters at the top and bottom], are [layout can be changed freely]. In addition, the layout of all parts can be changed with the general [flat plate].

In addition, you cannot change the shape of the plate itself or change the hole position.

This is because the material that was originally cut into a specific shape with holes is imported from the United States.

[The layout of the parts printed on the plate can be changed], but please note that it is physically [the shape of the plate cannot be changed].

About option charges

The option fee will be charged [once per design].

Even if there are multiple changes in [1 design], it will be counted as [1 time].

If you order multiple designs at the same time and customize them using options, you will need to pay the option fee [once per design].

How long does it take to customize?

Since our shop is operated by a limited number of staff, it takes a little time to do more labor-intensive work such as paid custom options.

We are trying to work as soon as possible, but it takes [3 to 7 business days].

[We cannot respond in a hurry], so please make a request with [sufficient margin for delivery].

How do you order the specified contents?

  1. Please fill in the specified contents in the [Specified contents] column at the top of the product page.

    Entry example) I want to put the address "1-23-2" in the registration number part and move the letters at the top and bottom 1 cm inward.

    * 1: Please fill in only the part you want to change.The part not specified is created with the original design.

    * 2: If the content is not filled in the [Specified content] column, please enter the details in the [Remarks] column when sending your order.

  2. Please put it in the cart.
  3. Next, please add the [customized original design] product to the cart. (Don't forget to describe your specifications!)
  4. Please complete the order procedure in [Batch] by combining the above.

Please specify specifically!

Honestly, it's quite difficult to do if you make an ambiguous specification. (Sweat)

[NG! ×] Example of ambiguous specification:

  • The letters here are "a little higher" ...

  • The parts here are "to a size that looks neat" ...

  • Overall, "arrange more well-balanced" etc ...

sorry!The above specifications are too vague to understand! m (_ _) m

When you specify a layout change, please be sure to specify [specific].

[GOOD! ○] Specific example of specification:

  • The letters on the top are aligned 3 cm from the top in the center.

  • Adjust the size so that the height of the letters at the bottom is 1.5 cm

  • The width of the characters in the middle is 20 cm and the center is aligned.

The above [specific specification method using numerical values] is ideal.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[Request] Image correction is [free up to 3 times]!

At our shop, there is always [calibration confirmation by image image] before production.

In normal customization, if there is a correction in the image, we will support it as many times as necessary until it meets the customer's request.

However, since the content of [Paid Custom Option] has a high degree of freedom, there are [many customers who get lost].

If we create a modified image each time, honestly, the work of creating the image will be enormous.

I'm very sorry ...

Image correction for customers using [Paid Custom Option] is [Free up to 3 times]

... and let me know.

* The number of corrections when there is a mistake due to our human error is not included.

If the number of image image corrections exceeds 3 times:

If the number of corrections exceeds 3 times and the corrections are made after the 4th time, we sell [Additional image correction 3 times ticket @ 500 yen (excluding tax)] as an option.

With an additional cost of 500 yen (excluding tax), you can further modify the image [up to 3 times].

Please note that this fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded even if the calibration is completed within 3 additional times.