[Multi Plate] Indiana 1993 / Original American License Plate

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License plate Multiple sheets Line up, One large license plate assembly To create, Original multi-plate

The size is About 61cm ~ 152.4cm When, Oversized size

The print is Flat ( flat print) Will be.

of course, All character contents can be customized to the desired character is.

This is such a multi-plate "Indiana 1993" design.

* For those who wish to have a larger variation than the one currently available (more than one lined up), inquiry If you can, we will quote it separately.

What kind of product?

  • One in the world License plate, Customized just for you A service that can be manufactured.
  • Made in the USA Uses a sturdy aluminum material. Can be used outdoors (however, discoloration will gradually occur)
  • High quality print processing in Japan Not mass production by machine Handmade processing one by one
  • Any number of characters can be written Nana flat Plate (flat print)!
  • fundamentally All character parts can be customized Also supports color change and logo insertion.
  • Before production Calibration confirmation by image moon.You can make it with confidence!
  • From your order About 4-7 days Delivered in about.

the following To Each detailed explanation Is described, so it is enough Understanding / confirmation upon, Please place an order

How do you use this ?

this Multi-plate series teeth, Size 30.5cm x 15.2cm Aluminum license plate, Display multiple sheets side by side It will be a series.

You can install it directly on the wall with screws, attach it with strong double-sided tape, or sell it as an additional accessory. Cable ties It can also be installed on wire mesh.

In addition, each one is not connected, Delivered in pieces Will be done.

At the time of installation Install side by side by yourself please.

What is the size and material?

We will show you the details of the size and material.

What you can do with "normal customization"

I will explain what kind of customization is possible!

What you can do with "Paid Custom Options"

If you are considering upgrading to express delivery, adding icons, changing colors, or changing fonts, click here!

What words should I put in?

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What kind of flow is it produced?

I will explain the production flow graphically!

I want to see the image before ordering!

Create an image even before ordering!

How soon will it arrive?

We will show you how long it will take to get it!

What kind of packaging will you receive?

Because this product is a product in which multiple license plates are installed side by side, We do not accept gifts.

However, when packing, we will put multiple sheets together in an envelope like the one above, sandwich it between cardboard boards, and ship it.

What kind of shop is it?

Introducing the history of the shop from 2012!

How do you buy it?

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What is different from other stores?

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Can you see the production examples?

Introducing the photos of the production examples provided by our customers!

I can't find the pattern of the state I'm looking for ...

It may be possible to add patterns from states that are not available! Please feel free to contact us.

[* Confirmation required *] What should I be careful about?

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