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What are paid custom options?

For custom license plates, dog tags, air fresheners, and other [all customized and sold products] that are manufactured and sold at our shop, pay [additional charges] to [normally non-customizable parts], and further. It is an option to [customize according to customer's request].

What is logo insertion?

It is an option to insert your logo at one point.

For example, you can insert it in a design space such as a company logo or team logo.

About option charges

The option fee will be charged [once per design].

Even if there are multiple changes in [1 design], it will be counted as [1 time].

If you order multiple designs at the same time and customize them using options, you will need to pay the option fee [once per design].

How long does it take to customize?

Since our shop is operated by a limited number of staff, it takes a little time to do more labor-intensive work such as paid custom options.

We are trying to work as soon as possible, but it takes [3 to 7 business days].

[We cannot respond in a hurry], so please make a request with [sufficient margin for delivery].

What kind of logo can I use?

Any original logo you have is OK!

Full color is available for the number of colors, so any number of colors can be used for the logo.

However, please understand that there are some color errors because the colors on the screen and the actual colors are printed slightly differently.

Logo data file

When submitting logo data, please use high resolution.If the image quality is rough, pixel-like squares will stand out when you actually print.The first is [Vector Art] recommended such as AI and EPS .

Please submit the logo data in the following file format.

  • AI

  • EPS

  • PSD (high resolution recommended)

  • PDF

  • PNG (high resolution recommended)

  • JPG (high resolution recommended)

  • GIF (high resolution recommended)

  • BMP (high resolution recommended)

[Caution] Such data cannot be used.

  1. Unauthorized use of copyrighted or portrait rights logos is prohibited.

    If there is a suspicion of unauthorized use, we may ask you to submit the license.Please note that in some cases production may be refused.

  2. Image with too small resolution

    If the image is too rough, it will look dirty when printed.If the resolution is too small, we cannot correct it.Please prepare a high resolution image.

  3. No logo design

    If you do not have a logo design in the first place, we do not accept design creation.Excuse me, but please prepare the design yourself.

  4. Data without background

    Images with a background around the logo cannot be used as they are.It is necessary to remove the background with the paid option [Logo drawing].

Even if I have a logo design, I can't prepare the above data.

Even if the design is decided, if you do not have the data that can be submitted above, we also do [Logo drawing] at our shop.Please see the following page for details.

[Paid custom option] Click here for details on logo drawing

How do you order

  1. Please prepare the logo data you want to insert.

  2. Please upload the logo data from the upload form below.

  3. Please specify the [Logo insertion position] in the [Specified content] field at the top of the product page.

    Entry example) Insert in the upper right margin of the plate with a size of about 3 cm

    *: If the contents do not fit in the [Specified contents] column, please enter the details in the [Remarks] column when sending your order.

  4. Please put it in the cart.
  5. Next, please add the [customized original design] product to the cart. (Don't forget to describe your specifications!)
  6. Please complete the order procedure in [Batch] by combining the above.

[Request] Image correction is [free up to 3 times]!

At our shop, there is always [calibration confirmation by image image] before production.

In normal customization, if there is a correction in the image, we will support it as many times as necessary until it meets the customer's request.

However, since the content of [Paid Custom Option] has a high degree of freedom, there are [many customers who get lost].

If we create a modified image each time, honestly, the work of creating the image will be enormous.

I'm very sorry ...

Image correction for customers using [Paid Custom Option] is [Free up to 3 times]

... and let me know.

* The number of corrections when there is a mistake due to our human error is not included.

If the number of image image corrections exceeds 3 times:

If the number of corrections exceeds 3 times and the corrections are made after the 4th time, we sell [Additional image correction 3 times ticket @ 500 yen (excluding tax)] as an option.

With an additional cost of 500 yen (excluding tax), you can further modify the image [up to 3 times].

Please note that this fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded even if the calibration is completed within 3 additional times.