[Dog Tag] Delaware / Original American License Plate Type Keychain

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One dog tag in the world that can be produced from one with your desired characters! Printed in Japan using materials made in the United States. We handcraft each one.Aluminum material that does not rust even when it gets wet with water.You can also choose a ball chain made in the United States or a silencer (rubber on the edge)!

This is a "Delaware" design.

What kind of product?

  • One in the world Dog tag, Customized just for you A service that can be manufactured.
  • Made in the USA Uses a sturdy aluminum material. Water resistant and light resistant Processing!
  • High quality print processing in Japan Not mass production by machine Handmade processing one by one
  • Any number of characters can be written Nana Plane print
  • fundamentally All character parts can be customized Also supports color change and logo insertion.
  • Before production Calibration confirmation by image moon.You can make it with confidence!
  • From your order About 4-7 days Delivered in about.

the following To Each detailed explanation Is described, so it is enough Understanding / confirmation upon, Please place an order

How do you use this?

What can it be used for?Introducing various usage examples.

What is the size and material?

We will show you the details of the size and material.

What you can do with "normal customization"

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What you can do with "Paid Custom Options"

If you are considering upgrading to express delivery, adding icons, changing colors, or changing fonts, click here!

You can also choose the color and length of the ball chain! (Partially charged)

You can now choose your favorite color from the USA ball chains shown in the image above!

In addition, a long size that can be used as a necklace is also available! In addition to key chains and pet name tags, it can also be used as an accessory!

The specifications of the ball chain that can be selected are as follows. Please select the one you want when ordering.

List of selectable ball chains

  • Normal chain (silver)
  • Brass chain
  • Black chain
  • Blue chain
  • Green chain
  • Pink chain
  • Purple chain
  • Red chain
  • White chain
  • Yellow chain
  • Normal necklace (about 60 cm)
  • Brass necklace (about 60 cm)
  • Gunmetal necklace (about 60 cm)
  • Red bronze necklace (about 60 cm)

Precautions regarding ball chains

  • Colored chains other than brass are painted, so the paint may peel off due to friction.
  • The material of the ball chain is aluminum or steel.If you have a metal allergy, please be careful.
  • Because it is an American ball chain, it is not as delicate as made in Japan.Even for the same product, there may be individual differences in length and color.
  • Additional charges for paid chains are not eligible for bulk purchase discounts.
  • * Additional charges apply for chains other than normal chains.

Spare ball chains in case they run out are sold here:

Selectable silencer (additional charge)

A silencer is a rubber attached to the edge of a dog tag. Thanks to this rubber, you can prevent the rattling metallic noise. It also has a protective function to protect the edge of the dog tag.

PL8 HERO offers 18 types of silencers. You can choose from the ones you like.

* Silencer is [additional charge].It is not included, so if you wish, please order it separately.

* Additional charges for silencers are not applicable to bulk purchase discounts.

Spare silencers are available here if they run out:

What words should I put in?

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What kind of flow is it produced?

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I want to see the image before ordering!

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How soon will it arrive?

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What kind of packaging will you receive?

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What kind of shop is it?

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How do you buy it?

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What is different from other stores?

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Can you see the production examples?

Introducing the photos of the production examples provided by our customers!

I can't find the pattern of the state I'm looking for ...

It may be possible to add patterns from states that are not available! Please feel free to contact us.

[* Confirmation required *] What should I be careful about?

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.