[For large / US cars] Prince Edward Island / Original Canada license plate

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  • One in the world License plate, Customized just for you A service that can be manufactured.
  • Made in the USA Uses a sturdy aluminum material. Outdoor use is also OK
  • High quality print processing in Japan Not mass production by machine Handmade processing one by one
  • Like a real license plate Deco-boko become Embossing Is also possible!
  • fundamentally All character parts can be customized
  • With additional options, it also supports aging effects, color changes, logo insertion, etc.
  • Before production Calibration confirmation by image moon.You can make it with confidence!
  • From your order About 4-7 days Delivered in about.
  • A fashionable item that is also popular as a gift for men!

the following To Each detailed explanation Is described, so it is enough Understanding / confirmation upon, Please place an order

What is the size and material?

We will show you the details of the size and material.

What you can do with "normal customization"

Usually customized Is Customized contents included in the product price And especially There is no additional charge .. First of all, please refer to the reference custom explanation image below.

▼ Example of explanation of customizable parts:


as mentioned above, [Character part] can be customized is! Elements (1) to (4) can be specified respectively. It may not be possible to customize depending on the design So, for details, see each product 2nd product image It is published in Explanatory image Please check more. 

▼ Embossed plate (1) Up to 7 main characters!

Embossプレートの(1) Main character7文字まで!

Our embossed plate is Special mold Using a bumpy エンボス We are processing to make it.

In addition, this mold is manufactured according to the American license plate, and the number of characters on the American license plate is basically 【7 characters】 is.

for that reason, On the embossed plate [up to 7 characters] Can only be written.

Often" 8 characters or more I'd like to put it in somehow, but is it impossible? I get an inquiry , but ...

unfortunately Does not come with "embossed plate"

This is the shape of the mold for embossing fixed Because it has been done.

The mold is literally Metal mold is. for that reason, You cannot change the shape freely

but, Flat plate (flat print) Then, Unlimited number of characters You can put it in!

▼ A flat plate is available for 8 characters or more!

8 characters or moreの場合はFlat plateをご用意

It's no longer embossed, but Print on a flat surface Processed [Flat plate] Prepared.

Flat plate So you don't need a mold, just Print on a flat surface Because it only does Free adjustment of characters is possible is.

So basically [Unlimited number of characters] It can be manufactured with.

The number of characters is 8文字以上 If you are a customer フラットプレート Please consider.

▼ (1) Mainly usable characters

(1)メイン文字 The fonts available for are similar to those used for American license plates.

for that reason,[Only letters that exist on American license plates] You can use it.

Specifically, what is shown in the image below is Available characters It will be.


○ List of available characters

  • Romaji capital letters
  • alphanumeric
  • Dodd, star, heart, hyphen

So far "Normal customization" It will be a customization content that can be done. in short, Custom content included in the product price is. 

▼ More free custom with paid custom options!


In the paid custom option, various options such as logo insertion and font change, color change and icon addition are available.

You can customize it with a higher degree of freedom to make it a more special piece.

For details on paid custom options, see "What you can do with paid custom options" below.

What you can do with "Paid Custom Options"


Click here if you are considering upgrading to express delivery, rust effect, 3D effect, icon addition, color change, font change, etc.!

How do you use this?


What can it be used for?Introducing various usage examples.

What words should I put in?


If you're wondering what to put in, check it out!

What kind of flow is it produced?


I will explain the production flow graphically!

I want to see the image before ordering!


Create an image even before ordering!

How soon will it arrive?

  • From your orderAbout 4-7 days Delivered in about!
  • If you are in a hurry, Express delivery (additional option) "so About 1-4 days Speed production is also possible.

What kind of packaging will you receive?


Also supports gifts! It arrives like this.

What kind of shop is it?


Introducing the history of the shop from 2012!

How do you buy it?


We will show you how to order!

What is different from other stores?


Introducing the differences from other stores and the strengths of our store!

Can you see the production examples?


Introducing the photos of the production examples provided by our customers!

I can't find the pattern of the state I'm looking for ...


It may be possible to add patterns from states that are not available! Please feel free to contact us.

[* Confirmation required *] What should I be careful about?


Please be sure to check before ordering!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.