【NEW】耐水・耐候ステッカーがパワーアップして再登場! | PL8HERO

[NEW] Water resistant and weather resistant stickers have been upgraded and reappeared!

Previously, a sticker that was handled when PL8 HERO was still hamuchan, inc. (2020).

What used to be all handmade has been mechanized and renewed!

Improvements from conventional products

  • Than Strong adhesive type Using the material of Hard to peel off became!
  • Mechanization of PVC coating Makes it look even better clear To!
  • Mechanized cutting By The cut surface is more elaborate To!

Features of PL8 HERO original sticker

  • Water and weather resistant! Can also be attached to the body of a car
  • Of course, the character part is your preference Customizable
  • Minimum lot Produced from 10 sheets
  • With the sticker's original volume discount, Great value for bulk orders
  • Safe and secure made in Japan!
  • The design is the same as other plates, Abundant variations of more than 100 types

Come on, just for you Original sticker Let's make!

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