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[Sticker] Alaska 67/Original US license plate type/waterproof/weatherproof/outdoor OK

[Sticker] Alaska 67/Original US license plate type/waterproof/weatherproof/outdoor OK

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This one is based on the license plate of Alaska.

In terms of age, it was issued from 1966 to 1967, and this plate was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the United States' purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867.

On the occasion of this 100th anniversary, the state motto "North to the future" was added.

The eagle, which is the symbol of America, is drawn because it celebrated the 100th anniversary of the United States!

By the way, "Alaska" is taken from the language of the indigenous Aleut people, and the word "Alyeska" is the etymology of the Aleut spelling, which means "great land".

Why don't you make your own "one in the world" with such a historic Alaska license plate as a motif?

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Notice & Help


Length: 12 cm

Height: 6 cm

Depth: 0.1 mm

AR: Check size with AR (*Only compatible with some iPhone/iPad)

Material: 耐水紙

Country of Origin: Japan

Number of mounting holes:

Type: Sticker

Use: カーアクセサリー

Design theme: レトロ

Color theme: ブルー and イエロー

*The items that are not displayed have no information or are under preparation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • size: 12cm x 6cm
  • material: 【made in Japan】 Strong adhesive sticker + PVC coating ( Water and weather resistance

High quality [Production in Japan] !Coat a glossy PVC sheet, Resistant to water and UV rays structure. Strong adhesive glue Because I am using Outdoor use Of course Safe to stick on the car body Finish!


What you can usually do with customization

Usually customized Is Customized contents included in the product price And especially There is no additional charge .. First of all, please refer to the reference custom explanation image below.

▼ Example of explanation of customizable parts:

as mentioned above, [Character part] can be customized is! Elements (1) to (3) can be specified respectively. It may not be possible to customize depending on the design So, for details, see each product 2nd product image It is published in Explanatory image Please check more. 

・ (1) Mainly usable characters

(1) Main character The fonts available for are similar to those used for American license plates.

for that reason, [Only the characters that exist on the American license plate] You can use it.

Specifically, what is shown in the image below is Available characters It will be.

○ (1) Characters that can be used as the main characters

  • Romaji capital letters
  • Alphanumerical
  • Dodd, star, heart, hyphen

So far "Normal customization" It will be a customization content that can be done. in short, Custom content included in the product price is. 

More freedom with paid custom options!

In the paid custom option, various options such as logo insertion and font change, color change and icon addition are available.

You can customize it with a higher degree of freedom to make it a more special piece.

Click here for details on paid custom options

What you can do with additional (paid) custom options

[Paid custom option] Then, Matters not included in "normal customization" of, Options that can be realized at an additional charge is.

Express delivery option, rust effect added, 3D effect,   Change font color Add icon logo Font change Layout change Data submission It is now possible to incorporate even more customization elements.

Table of contents of options

Express delivery

Additional charge: +1,650 yen / sheet

Only for those in a hurry!Priority production & shipping.It is an option to shorten the delivery time, which is usually about 7 days, to about 1 to 4 days, and to manufacture it in the shortest time.

Add rust effect (aging effect)


Additional charge: +100 yen / sheet

As shown in the above picture, for normal design "Image of rust" And print it, it's like Realistic rust effect Is to add.

It does not add real rust to the license plate So please be careful! To the last " Just add a photo of the rust ], It will be a flat print.

3D message sticker

Additional charge: +110 yen / 50 characters

As a gift message, a 50-character 3D message sticker is attached to the exterior of the product.

* Cannot be used for products that do not support gifts.

Add icon


Additional charge: +110 yen / sheet

You can add more than 1000 types of icons to any position you like.

Please check the icon part number from the icon list page published below.

Change color


Additional charge: +110 yen / sheet

You can change the color of the text and background to your liking. With the color picker tool, you are free to choose your favorite color. (However, please note that there may be some color error between the screen and the actual product.)


Additional charge: +550 yen / sheet

Insert your logo data in the margin.Please prepare a transparent background image (PNG, GIF, etc.).

We recommend a resolution of 150ppi or higher. Items smaller than this may appear rough when printing.

Also, please note that images without background transparency cannot be used.

Layout change


Additional charge: +550 yen / sheet

You can change the position of each part. (* With the 3D embossed plate, the embossed part cannot be changed due to the mold.)

For example, if you want to change the design of the base, such as changing the font size or moving parts, this layout change option is suitable.

Specifically, please indicate which part you want to move or change.

Font change


Additional charge: +1,100 yen / sheet

You can change the font of each character part.

However, in the [embossed plate], due to the mold, the embossed part [(1) The font of the main character cannot be changed].Conversely, the font of [(1) Other than the main character] can be changed.

The fonts that can be used are "" due to the commercial license. Adobe Fonts Limited to the fonts listed.

Customers will not be able to provide fonts or use free fonts, so be sure to use the following " Adobe Fonts Please search for the desired font and let us know the font name and the changed part.

Change font size

Additional charge: +110 yen / sheet

Options to increase or decrease the font size in existing designs.

However, in the [embossed plate], due to the mold, the embossed part [(1) The size of the main character cannot be changed].Conversely, the font of [(1) Other than the main character] can be resized.

Basically, the font size is fixed as a template for the design, so you need to balance the design when you zoom in or out.

Adjusting the font size costs you money to adjust the design balance.



Data submission

Additional charge: None (main unit price only)

We will submit your data, print it on a plate of the size handled by our shop, and deliver it.

How soon will it arrive?

F or shipping within Japan

  • From your order About 4-7 days Delivered in about!
  • If you are in a hurry , Express delivery (additional option) "and About 1 to 4 days Speed production is also possible .
Delivery method do not detail Price (tax included) deadline ※ Delivery method  Specify delivery date and time
usually poop Flat rate 440 yen After ordering About 4-7 days Post mailing not possible
Express delivery (additional option) Above +1,650 yen After orderingAbout 1 to 4 days Handing over the delivery person possible

Delivery time is a rough guide is Image image approval delay or, Fix If there is, again If payment is delayed Etc. Delivery time will be delayed .. moreover, busy period or Long holiday period In addition, production may be delayed or stopped, so delivery may be delayed. In addition, please note that it takes at least 7 to 14 business days when ordering a large quantity of 30 or more.

○ If you are in a hurry, please purchase additional [Express Delivery Option]!

Express delivery option teeth Additional option of +1650 yen (tax included) It will be.

When I place an order, I get a lot of comments saying "Please do as soon as possible". It is not possible to produce quickly just by receiving comments.

If you are in a hurry at the time of ordering Add express delivery option Thank you.

For overseas shipping

PL8 HERO also ships overseas.

If you use express delivery, you can shorten the normal production period from 3 business days to 1 business day.

Delivery takes about 4 to 7 days after shipment, but it may be significantly delayed if it takes time due to weather, global conditions, import customs clearance, etc. Please note that we cannot guarantee even if you use express delivery.

In addition, in the case of overseas shipping, the customs duty and consumption tax incurred at the time of import will be borne by the recipient. These costs may be incurred in addition to the item price and payment may be charged at the time of customs clearance or arrival of the package.

Unfortunately, this customs duty and sales tax will vary depending on the country in which you receive them, so we cannot tell.

In addition, due to global logistics restrictions imposed by Covid-19, the current situation The countries that can be shipped are limited

If you get the error "Cannot ship to the shipping address you entered" when checking out, you are currently in an area where shipping is not possible.I'm sorry.

If you want to know the shipping cost, please add the desired item to the cart, proceed to checkout, enter the shipping address, and you can check the amount, so please try it.

○ PL8 HERO production schedule

We accept a lot of orders every day, design creation, homepage management, product production, and customer support. All consistent do, Operated by a small number of staff doing.

Therefore Work efficiency Basically , as follows schedule We are producing at.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
morning afternoon morning afternoon morning afternoon morning afternoon morning afternoon morning afternoon morning afternoon
→ → → production packing shipping Image calibration approval during this period is [Monday afternoon production] →
Image calibration approval during this period is [Thursday afternoon production] → production packing shipping
  • It will arrive in 1 to 3 business days after shipping. (In the case of overseas shipping, it will arrive in about 4 to 7 days)
  • Or ders by express delivery will be produced at any time after the proof image is approved, regardless of the above schedule.
  • During the holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays and Japanese holidays, it often resumes from the production day after the holidays.
  • During the busy season, production may not be in time for the above schedule, and delivery may be slightly delayed.

▼ Summary of production schedule

  • ship date
    Weekly TuesdayWhenFriday

  • Image image approvaldeadline
    Monday morning Approve by ▶ Next day (Tuesday) Ship to
    Thursday morning Approve by ▶ Next day (Friday) Ship to

  • Express delivery
    Regardless of the above schedule , Image image As soon as approval is confirmed Produced at any time

  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, August Obon period, temporary holidays:
    the next working day More production resumed

  • During busy seasons and floods of orders:
    It may be produced later than the above schedule.
  • When ordering a large quantity of 30 or more:
    It may take at least 7 to 14 business days for delivery.

Precautions for delivery (only for domestic delivery in Japan)

Registered Missing delivery address Or Just moved Then, go to the post office under your jurisdiction. I have not submitted a "Notice of Relocation" If you ship the item "Delivery due to unknown delivery address" Because of that The item will be returned to our shop There is a thing.

In that case, the shipping fee for the product registered for shipping once will be fixed, so if you resend it for the second time, A separate request for re-shipping (¥440) is required. Will be.

It will be a very wasteful cost, so when ordering Make sure that the delivery address is correct. please give me.

Just moved For those of you Submit "Notice of Relocation" to the post office before shipping the product Please.

Basically Responsibility for handling luggage after shipping products teeth, It is entrusted to the shipping company So, if there is a change after shipping, it will be described in the email notified at the time of shipping. Contact the shipping company directly from the tracking number Thank you.

What kind of flow is it produced?

Basically, it is produced acc or ding to the flow shown in the figure below.

○ What is calibration confirmation by image?

At our shop, always before production [Calibration confirmation by image] I am doing.

Proofreading confirmation is made on a PC by e-mail. [Finished image] To the customer, there 【spell check】 or[Layout] Etc. [Approval] It is work to receive.

From the customer [Approval of image] After receiving 【Start of production】 It will be.

for that reason, Production is possible with confidence is.

The following is an image to be sent and a comparison photo of the finished product.

Yet, Editor Order at in the case of, There is no calibration confirmation by image image .. this is, 3D preview function This is because you can check the image in real time. Therefore, before confirming your order, Check carefully with the preview function Thank you.

What does YOURTXT mean?

The original license plate handled by PL8HERO has "" by default. YOURTXT Is displayed.

In addition, the design with the symbol in the middle is " URT EXT It is also written as ".

If you write this "YOUR TXT" correctly, it will be " YOUR TEXT ".

Similarly, URT EXT is read as "U (YOU) R TEXT" by abbreviating "YOU" to 6 letters.

What does YOUR TEXT mean?

Once you know how to read it, the meaning is simple. " YOUR TEXT Translated literally, " Your writing "It means that.

In other words, this " YOUR TEXT The part of the notation is ...

Your writing 」 =「 You can enter your favorite characters

In the sense of ↑, we use it in our shop.

On rare occasions, some customers were wondering, "Why is it all written as YOUR TXT?", So I explained it.

In addition, our license plate is YOURTXT Other than the notation, the character part is Basically everything can be customized is.

Please try to make your own original license plate with PL8 HERO!

What words should I put in?

I want to make a license plate! but What kind of words should I put in? ?? ?? Such customers Rest assured Please. Our staff Together Invented a cool word To do!

○ For example ... Collection of example sentences

    • GDSPEED (Godspeed-Pray for success)
    • GETREAL (Get Real-Let's see the reality!)
    • JUSTWED (Just Wedded-Newlywed Hoyahoya!)
    • LUV4EVA (Love Forever-I love you forever!)
    • SLWDRVR (Slow Driver-Safe driving vehicle)
    • GOAHEAD (Go Ahead-Please go first)
    • CRUISIN (Cruising)
    • 2FAST4U (Too Fast For You-It's too early for you to follow)
    • MAHALO (Thank you)
    • SK8TER (Skater) ... etc

The above is Just one example is!

Many Americans also have this license plate Character limit Against various idea Stuffed, Interesting combination I'm thinking of.

Then Squeeze out ideas and think Also, make an original American license plate One of the fun But there is also.

of course, Our staff But happily like that Helping to think of ideas If you get stuck, please feel free to contact us!

What kind of packaging will you receive?

  • You can give it as a gift immediately High quality craft envelopes Simple packaging by!
  • To prevent accidents during transportation as much as possible Reinforcement with cardboard board or, No folding display
  • Delivery status Can be tracked Rest assured!
  • "Regular flight" is basically [Post mailing] that's why, You can receive it even if you are away from home!
  • * Stickers will be delivered in a transparent PP bag with the number of sets.

Environmentally Friendly!

At PL8HERO, we think about the environment and become the source of microplastics. I quit using plastic bags, etc.

fundamentally, Recyclable "paper only" We are packaging using.

When the product arrives, be sure to use the paper used for packaging. recycling We ask for your cooperation so that it can be used as a new resource.

* Only the sticker may stick inside if it is wrapped in paper, so it will be delivered in a PP bag.

Can I see production examples?

Review with photo

Check production examples from your SNS account!

We also publish photos from our customers on our SNS etc.!It can be used as a reference when deciding the characters as well as the idea of installation.

Below are links to each of our SNS accounts. Tap or click the icon to jump.


free image creation

During business hours (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00) teeth [Approximately 5 to 15 minutes] and Image image 【free】 create! (* Within 1 business day outside business hours)

I will guide you below, Either way You can request to create an image from. Either is OK Therefore, please choose according to your convenience.

【※Fastest※】 (1) Request an image on LINE

LINE is more convenient than email is! From the customer to our LINE official account Answer the request form If you can, Send image image via LINE To do!

1. Register our shop as a friend

Please read the QR code below or click the button below to add our official LINE account to your friends.

- OR -


2. Tap "Request to create free image image"

If the menu is displayed

 If the menu is not displayed

As mentioned above, tap the "Request to create free image image" button! First, tap the section "Contact us from help" to display the menu. Then tap "Request for free image creation" on the left!

3. Tap "Request for free"

4. Tap a choice

4-1. First-time users

For the first time, tap "Click here for the first time"!

The next operation method is "5. Confirm the request method" What!

4-2. Those who know how to request

If you already know how to request, tap "I know how to request"!

The next operation method is" 6. Answer the request form " What!

5. Check the request method

5-1. Swipe to see how to request

Swipe left or right as shown in the image below to see how to reference the information required for your request.

After confirming, tap "Confirmed"!

How to find a SKU
 How to refer to custom parts

5-2. Select an option and tap

If you already know the SKU of the image you want to request, tap "Yes"!

If you are looking for a product from now on, tap "Search for a product from the homepage" to go to the homepage.

6. Answer the request form

6-1. Select the type you want to request

Swipe left or right, select the type of product you want to request, and tap "Request for free"!

Then tap the "Answer" button that appears next!

6-2. Fill out the form and send the answer

Please fill in the form while referring to the customized part of each product.

After completing the input, tap "Send answer"!

7. We will send the image from our shop on LINE!

This completes the image request! During business hoursteeth About 5 to 15 minutes After business hours teethWithin 1 business day So, the image image LINE I will send it at.

(2) Request from the inquiry form

If you proceed from the inquiry form below, you can request to create an image.

After receiving your inquiry During business hours Is about 5 to 15 minutes After business hoursWithin 1 business day We will reply to you with an email with an image attached.

Click here for image image request form

[Important] Please allow us to receive emails from "" in advance!

When making inquiries Email address required Will be. In addition, the created image will be attached to the email and replied.

However, the customer Carrier mail (docomo, ezweb, softbank, etc.) If you are using The email from our shop is judged to be junk email and does not arrive Likely, In many cases, the customer does not receive the created image.

for that reason, Receiving permission settings from the domain of "" in advance Thank you.

What kind of shop is it?


Our shop was born in 2012 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

In March 2022, the cumulative number of units sold exceeded 20,000.

In September 2020, the total number of followers of SNS such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LINE increased to more than 10,000 thanks to you.

Approximately 96% of customers select the 5 highest rated ★★★★★ *. (* Data from the ordered order that received the review) We have received very satisfactory results.

  • June 2012 ・ Yahoo! Auctions! Started personal sales & opened homepage at
  • April 2013 ・ Hamuchan, inc. Officially opened
  • December 2013 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 500
  • July 2014 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 1000
  • May 2016 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 5,000
  • November 2018 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 10,000
  • September 2020 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 15,000
  • October 2020 ・ Changed the store name to PL8 HERO (plate hero)
  • March 2022 ・ Cumulative sales exceeded 20000

The story of how the store started

The reason I started the store was when Shibusawa, the store manager, personally moved.


Originally an American lover, I was looking for an American nameplate to use for my new home.

However, there are no nameplates in Japan that I think are good ...


So, using the internet ...

Discover a store where you can customize your license plate in the United States.

I ordered with a prompt decision, "It's okay if the license plate is a new nameplate!"

I immediately ordered with the last name "SHIBUSAWA".


Since it is shipped from the United States, I wonder if it will arrive in two weeks ...

I've been waiting, but I can't reach it. (smile)


When such a blank time passed [60 days] ...


Somehow a dirty cardboard board is stuck in the post!

This is because the nameplate of the example has arrived! !! !!


And when I opened it with high tension ...

The plate that I should have ordered with the last name "SHIBUSAWA" is

It was a plate like this.


(There are no photos left at that time, it is an image.)


e! ??

I'm missing my last name (angry)


The plate you should have ordered at "SHIBUSAWA" is

It's a shameful "HIBUSAW" ...

Moreover, the print quality is also the worst.


That is the jagged and jerky image quality output by a poor quality printer.

It was a failed work with pixels, as if it were back in the 8-bit era. .. ..


The only thing I thought was disappointed with the terrible workmanship.


"If this is the case, you can make it yourself!"


Here is the result.


In this way, it was all the beginning to start handmade. (smile)


The nameplates I handmade have a good reputation with friends and family,

We received many requests, "I want you to make it yourself!"


It's really hard to make it for free, so

Started sales between individuals at "Yahoo! Auctions!"


If you notice, your orders will increase ...

A homepage will be opened in the middle of 2012.

For tax reasons, it officially opened in 2013 as a sole proprietorship.

At the same time, overseas sales also started based on the shopping site in the United States of America.


And in 2020, to strengthen overseas sales and unify the brand

We changed the name to "PL8 HERO" and continue to the present.

What is different from other stores?

Product making that is particular about "America".

At our shop, we basically import the base material directly from the United States. There are many cheap ones to look for, but they are still made in China or Japan. And the quality is also commensurate with the low cost.

At our shop, with the motto "Providing genuine America to our customers", we import most of the materials from the United States and make products that are particular about the United States.

American products, for better or for worse, are made to "American standards". The advantage is that it is tough and durable, but the disadvantage is that it is not elaborately made, but worse, it is "rough".

However, such "roughness" is one of the attractions of American products.One of the strengths of our products is that we can feel the warmth and humanity of each product, which is made by hand, not the elaborate and cold products made by machines.

Handmade one by one. Therefore, the degree of freedom is high.

It looks like it's produced by a machine, but it's not. Each piece is carefully handmade. Therefore, there is a lot of freedom, and it is a point unique to our shop that you can customize various parts in detail.

Staff familiar with USA license plates manage everything from design to production.

Staff with experience living in the United States manage everything from design to production. In addition to direct communication with the American side, we also carry out detailed design, production adjustment, material management, etc.

How do you buy it?

There is a place to fill in each custom content at the top of the product page, so just fill it in order, add it to the cart and complete your order!

I will explain in order below.

1. Scroll down a little from the top of the product page.

2. Enter the specified contents in each place.

3. Add to cart.

4. Confirm that the item has been added.

  • If you want to proceed with payment, please press "Check cart and check out" at the top link.

  • If you have other shopping, please continue to the other product page.

5. You can check the contents of the cart at any time by pressing the cart icon at the top right of the page.

6. When checking the contents of the cart, please make a final check to make sure that the specified characters are correct.

7. Then follow the on-screen instructions to select your payment method and enter your address to complete your order.

Even if it is difficult and you do not understand, we will support you, so please feel free to contact us!

I can't find the pattern of the state I'm looking for ...

I can't find the pattern of the state I'm looking for Rest assured at times!

The pattern of the state you are looking for Send your photo from the "Inquiry Form" If you can, we will research the state in our shop and UP as a new product I will do it.

However, for data creation 2-4 weeks It takes a long time, complicated In the case of I can't handle it Please note that some items are also included.

First inquiry If you can, we will give you a concrete answer!

Contact Us

[* Confirmation required *] What should I be careful about?

surely, Before ordering After reading the following, Understand the characteristics of the product Please. these Notes To Understanding and consent After receiving it Or der Thank you.

table of contents

Request for junk mail setting

↑↑↑ Please set so that you can receive emails from here. ↑↑↑

○ Delayed confirmation of images is the cause of delayed delivery!

At our shop, we always send the image image by e-mail within [3 business days] from the order.Production will be after approval of this image, so if this confirmation is delayed, production will also be delayed and everything will be delayed.Be especially careful if you are in a hurry! Even if you order by express delivery in a hurry, if the delivery date is delayed due to the delay in image confirmation, there is no source or child.

○ If you have not received the e-mail from our shop within 3 business days after ordering, check the junk e-mail!

There are many cases where you cannot receive emails from our shop due to your email settings. Please review the settings so that you can receive emails from [].

○ If you can't find the email from our shop in the junk email folder ...

Please contact us from our inquiry form.When making inquiries, please review the settings so that you can receive e-mails from the above e-mail addresses.

Contact Us

May be produced without approval

In our shop, basically Within 3 business days of ordering To, Sending images to customers We are doing.

but, If you cannot contact the customer for a certain period of time teeth, Short message (SMS) Registered by the customer using Resend message to mobile phone doing.

If you cannot contact the customer for a long time even after sending the SMS [Production without approval] Move to Let me do it.

[Production without approval] Is sent before production Moving to production without the approval of the image Say.

This is because we couldn't contact the customer and we had to pay for it. Difficult to suspend production of your order for a long time Because.

All of our products "Made-to-order products" that are produced one by one according to the customer for, Production started once If it is done, It cannot be modified, canceled or refunded later.

for that reason, Once [Production without approval] is started, even if there is a correction, it cannot be corrected later. Please note that.

To prevent this from happening, we have explained above. Please be sure to take measures against junk mail before ordering.

Precautions for delivery

Registered Missing delivery address Or Just moved Then, go to the post office under your jurisdiction. I have not submitted a "Notice of Relocation" If you ship the item "Delivery due to unknown delivery address" Because of that The item will be returned to our shop There is a thing.

In that case, the shipping fee for the product registered for shipping once will be fixed, so if you resend it for the second time, A separate request for re-shipping is required Will be.

It will be a very wasteful cost, so when ordering Make sure that the delivery address is correct. please give me.

Just moved For those of you Submit "Notice of Relocation" to the post office before shipping the product Please.

Basically Responsibility for handling luggage after shipping products teeth, It is entrusted to the shipping company So, if there is a change after shipping, it will be described in the email notified at the time of shipping. Contact the shipping company directly from the tracking number Thank you.

Precautions common to all products

○ Difference between the color on the screen and the actual product:

The data is created on a PC, but when it is actually printed on a plate, it may be slightly darker or lighter than the color on the screen. Therefore, the color may be different from the image sent for confirmation.

○ Print unevenness and blur:

During printing, even a slight amount of print unevenness or blurring may occur due to heat conduction and how pressure is applied.Especially in winter, the ink does not come out well, and even if the temperature is controlled, fine ink scattering may be seen on the print.

○ Print near the edge:

Especially in designs where the background is entirely colored, the edges of the plate may have white lines as shown in the photo or the coating may peel off. This is due to the lines that are attached when cutting metal, which is inevitable due to the manufacturing method.

○ Made in the USA, good or bad:

Because it is an American-made plate, the quality is also American standard.The feature of American products is that they are not as delicate as those made in Japan, but rather rough.Often there are scratches from the beginning and individual differences in the position of the holes in the plate. I hope you understand this as an American-made "taste".

○ Please use and store in a place that is out of the reach of children:

It may lead to an unexpected accident. When using and storing it, please be sure to keep it out of the reach of children.

○ Scratch resistance:

It is not resistant to external damage such as scratches.If it is scratched with strong force, the external print may come off.Please note that.

○ Curved or damaged

Aluminum is a relatively soft material among metals. Therefore, it may bend even if a small amount of force is applied.Repeated bending makes the part brittle and may cut it.

FRP products are also stronger than plastics, but they can be damaged or cut if they are subjected to more than their durability.

With either material, the cut surface may be sharp, so if it is damaged, immediately stop using the product and discard it.

○ Character content that is unethical

If we judge that the character content is against general ethics, or if it is abusive or swearing that refers to a specific person or group, we may refuse to use the character content.

○ Display in alternative font

When changing from the wording of the original design to the character content desired by the customer, some designs do not have exactly the same font data as the original design, so as an alternative, we may change to a font with a similar shape.Please note.

In the above example) In the original design, if you change the part of "California" to "Welcome", it will be displayed as a substitute with a similar font.

Precautions common to license plate & signboard products

○ Sharp edges:

The edge of the plate is about 0.6mm aluminum, so it is sharp depending on the angle. Please be careful not to cut your hands when handling. When children touch it, parents should pay close attention to it and be careful not to cause an unexpected accident. Please keep away from contact with children as much as possible.

○ Print marks on the back side:

Aluminum is basically exposed on the back of the plate, but in rare cases [marks burned on another plate] may remain lightly. This is a phenomenon in which the outer frame of what was pressed before it is slightly burned when it is applied to the press. We are working to prevent this from happening as much as possible, but we apologize for the inconvenience that some may remain.

○ Outdoor use

We use UV-resistant plates and inks, but we cannot completely prevent them from fading from UV rays.After many years of use, fading has inevitably occurred. However, the degree of deterioration of the color progresses slowly.

○ Installation on vehicles

These plates are American size and cannot be installed on Japanese cars. Even if it can be installed, its use on public roads is prohibited by the Road Traffic Act.It's okay to wear it for dress-up purposes, for example in a car show, but it's a violation to drive on public roads with this plate on.

○ Optional magnet sheet

  • Because it is a magnet that can be easily removed while driving if it is attached to the outside of the car. Never stick it on a running car Please.
  • Never paste it within the reach of children Please.It may fall and hit your child, resulting in unexpected injury.
  • Please be sure to use all of this one set for each plate. If you do not install a certain number of magnets, the magnetic force cannot withstand the weight of the plate and there is a danger that it will fall off the wall.
  • Since the magnet sheet is small, there is a risk of accidental ingestion. Store in a place that is absolutely out of the reach of children Please be careful.
  • Magnets may lose their magnetic force if exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. Not suitable for use outdoors or on hot walls Please note that.

Click here for how to install the magnet sheet and order

Precautions for embossed plate

○ It will bend by all means:

Since the base material is thin aluminum, when embossed, the entire plate will be distorted and inevitably curved. We try to restore it to its original state by using rollers before shipping, but it is difficult to restore it to a clean state.

The main reason is that our plates can be produced from one piece.

For example, in order to produce from one piece, it is not possible to use a machine that is fully automated for industrial use.This is because a fully automated machine would have to prepare thousands of plates to run its production line.

In such machines, it is possible to produce using thicker plates because it can be pressed with a strong force such as hydraulic type.

However, like our shop, everything that is produced from one piece is handmade one by one by "human hands".Since there is a limit to human power, we use a thin plate and hand press each character with a stamping machine.

Therefore, it will inevitably bend.Thank you for your understanding.

○ The embossing may shift:

After printing, it is embossed according to the print.Since the metal is distorted during embossing, the embossing position and the print may inevitably deviate by several millimeters. We have adjusted it so that it does not shift as much as possible, but please understand that there is a maximum error of [about 5 mm].

○ Embossing may open holes:

When embossing, depending on the shape of the surrounding letters, the metal may stretch out and tear, leaving a hole of about 0.5 mm.We have made adjustments so that holes do not open, but the parts where the embossing force is concentrated will inevitably tear.

○ Only the main characters (1) are bumpy:

Only (1) main characters are embossed unevenly. Others are flat prints.

Dog tag

○ Print crushing, unevenness, and blurring of fine characters:

Since the original product is small, small letters and logos may be slightly crushed.Especially when the background color is a dark color such as black, it may be difficult to see thin lines. In addition, during printing, even a slight amount of print unevenness or blurring may occur due to heat conduction and how pressure is applied.

○ Metal allergies

The material of this product is aluminum. In addition, stainless steel and brass are used for the ball chain.If you have a metal allergy, please be careful when handling it.

○ Installation on pets:

The chain may break due to the violent movement of the pet. Also, because it is a small product, pets may accidentally swallow it.Use it only when the owner's eyes can see it, and never leave it on your pet.It may lead to an unexpected accident.

Front mirror tag

○ Product curvature and individual differences:

The material used for the front mirror tag has the property of expanding and contracting when printing a print. Since printing is done on one side at a time, there may be individual differences even if the exact same data is printed on the front and back due to the difference between before and after expansion and contraction. Also, when expansion and contraction due to heat occurs, the temperature is different on the front and back, so it may bend slightly.Please note that.

○ Precautions when soaking in fragrance:

Please prepare the fragrance yourself.We recommend using an atomizer when spraying fragrances.If the fragrance itself is colored, that color may be transferred to the product.If a large amount of soaked material is left in the car as it is, flammable materials may cause a fire, so please refrain from doing so. Also, if you inhale a large amount of fragrance in a small space, it may induce asthma in rare cases, although there are individual differences. If your child has a respiratory illness, it may induce asthma more sensitively than an adult, so it is recommended that you do not soak in the fragrance.

Car flag

○ Do not pinch strongly! & Don't open the window too much!

If the pole is pinched too tightly when installing the flag, the power window may be damaged, the pole body may be damaged, or the window frame packing may be damaged.Lightly hit the window frame.On the other hand, if you open the window too much, it may fly away due to the wind, which is extremely dangerous.

○ The glass and body may be scratched.

Since the flag is designed to be sandwiched between windowpanes, the parts that come into contact with it may be scratched. In addition, the flag blown by the wind may hit the body and cause scratches.Please note.

○ Be sure to check the strength before installing and running!

We use materials that are resistant to sunlight and rain, but if they are used continuously for many years, they may deteriorate over time and be damaged.Before installing the product, push or pull it by hand to check its strength before installing it.In the unlikely event that it is damaged while driving and causes an accident, the responsibility will be placed on the driver.Please note that we are not responsible for any incidents or accidents caused by the user's misuse.

○ Do not open the window with the flag while driving!

If you open the window with the flag even a little, the clip may be blown off by the wind and fly away.Especially when installing it in the window of the seat where children can sit, please be careful not to open the window by locking the child.

○ Please refrain from using on rainy days.

Moisture can make the cloth heavier and can be damaged by the force that the pole cannot support.During heavy rains and storms, the risk of damage is further increased, leading to unexpected accidents.Please refrain from using it on rainy days.

○ Please remove it when you leave the car!

There is a risk of theft.Be sure to remove it when you leave the car, as the window glass may be broken through the gaps in the windows that are slightly open.

○ Please be careful about the size that can be pushed out of the car.

Since the flag is installed by sandwiching it in the window, it is basically installed so that it protrudes upward.The Road Law generally stipulates that the maximum height that can be pushed out of a car is 3.8 m from the ground. (To be exact, it is "3.8 meters minus the height of the place where the car is loaded.") When installing the flag, please be careful so that it is within 3.8 m from the ground.

○ Print quality

Since each item is manufactured by hand, slight print misalignment, color unevenness, print blurring, color transfer, etc. may occur.Please note that the color tone may differ slightly between the image sent for proofreading and the actual product.

○ About care

If it gets dirty, be sure to wash it by hand using a general laundry detergent. The flag cannot be removed from the pole, so wash the entire pole.Do not wash in the washing machine as it may damage the pole or damage the inside of the washing machine. Also, if you wash it with other laundry, the color may transfer, so please be careful not to mix and wash.Finally, the dryer cannot be used, so be sure to let it air dry.


○ Small bubbles

All of our stickers are coated with PVC vinyl. When applying this coating, small bubbles may inevitably enter. Please note that this is unavoidable due to the manufacturing method.

Complaints in the above items are not covered by compensation. In addition, we do not take any responsibility for accidents and incidents that occur when we do not use our products correctly. If you do not agree, please do not place your order.


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