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[Paid custom option] Logo drawing (1,000 yen per hour of work / tax not included)

[Paid custom option] Logo drawing (1,000 yen per hour of work / tax not included)

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What are paid custom options?

For custom license plates, dog tags, air fresheners, and other [all customized and sold products] that are manufactured and sold at our shop, pay [additional charges] to [normally non-customizable parts], and further. It is an option to [customize according to customer's request].

What is logo drawing?

In [Insert logo], which is another option, it is an option to [Draw logo data] at our shop for [Customers who do not have logo data].

Even if the received data contains a background and [data adjustment is required], [data correction is required] in this [logo drawing option].

We do not accept logo design

We do not design logos at our shop. The customer will provide [illustration material] for drawing, and [only the work of tracing and drawing the illustration material] will be performed.

Please prepare the base design by yourself.

About logo drawing fee

Logos can be drawn from simple to complex.

Therefore, the drawing fee will be charged simply by [the time it took to create the drawing data].

Working time [1,000 yen per hour (excluding tax)].

Please note that the minimum work fee starts from 1,000 yen (excluding tax), so even if the work is completed within one hour, it will be 1,000 yen (excluding tax).

Estimate of logo drawing fee

If you would like to know the drawing fee in advance, we can inform you of a simple quotation.

At that time, please submit specific illustrations and images from the "Design Upload Form" below.

If you enter "Request for quotation" in the comment field, we will provide you with an approximate quotation.

Design upload form

How long does it take to customize?

Since our shop is operated by a limited number of staff, it takes a little time to do more labor-intensive work such as paid custom options.

We are trying to work as soon as possible, but it takes [3 to 7 business days].

[We cannot respond in a hurry], so please make a request with [sufficient margin for delivery].

How do you order

  1. Please prepare the illustration material of the logo data you want to draw.

  2. Please upload the data from the upload form below.

  3. We will send you an estimated time. If it is OK, you can order from this page.Detailed order details will be sent to you by email at that time.
  4. After confirming your order, we will start drawing and deliver the data by email.

[Request] Image correction is free for up to 1 hour of work!

At our shop, there is always [proofreading confirmation by image image] before delivery.

In normal customization, if there is a correction in the image, we will support it as many times as necessary until it meets the customer's request.

However, since the content of [Logo drawing] has a high degree of freedom, there are [many customers who get lost].

If we create a modified image each time, honestly, the work of creating the image will be enormous.

I'm very sorry ...

Image correction for customers using [Logo drawing] is [Free for up to 1 hour of work]

... and let me know.

* Correction time is not included if there is a mistake due to our human error.

If the image correction work time exceeds 1 hour:

If the correction work time exceeds 1 hour and the correction work amount is 2 hours or more, we will inform you of [additional estimate] before the work.

If you agree with the quotation, we will make an additional request for the work.

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Notice & Help

How do you buy it?

There is a place to fill in each custom content at the top of the product page, so just fill it in order, add it to the cart and complete your order!

I will explain in order below.

1. Scroll down a little from the top of the product page.

2. Enter the specified contents in each place.

3. Add to cart.

4. Confirm that the item has been added.

  • If you want to proceed with payment, please press "Check cart and check out" at the top link.

  • If you have other shopping, please continue to the other product page.

5. You can check the contents of the cart at any time by pressing the cart icon at the top right of the page.

6. When checking the contents of the cart, please make a final check to make sure that the specified characters are correct.

7. Then follow the on-screen instructions to select your payment method and enter your address to complete your order.

Even if it is difficult and you do not understand, we will support you, so please feel free to contact us!


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