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PL8HERO ・ Magnet sheet for attaching plates

PL8HERO ・ Magnet sheet for attaching plates

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It is a magnet sheet to be attached to the back of the plate in order to attach the plate to the steel wall surface such as a refrigerator with a magnet. One piece with a cut line is 1x1 cm, and this one set contains 20 pieces.

How to install

  1. The magnet sheet has a cut from the beginning.It can be easily torn off by folding it by hand several times along the fold line, and the white side is double-sided tape.

  2. Refer to the photo and cut into 5 pieces so that they are 2x2 in size.

  3. Then cut them in half and the last piece into four.

  4. Arrange the torn pieces in a key shape as shown in the photo.

  5. When the white paper is peeled off, it becomes an adhesive tape.

  6. With the adhesive side down, stick it on the four corners of the plate with the key shape, and installation is complete.

please note

  • Because it is a magnet that can be easily removed while driving if it is attached to the outside of the car. Never stick it on a running car Please.
  • Never paste it within the reach of children Please.It may fall and hit your child, resulting in unexpected injury.
  • Please be sure to use all of this one set for each plate. If you do not install a certain number of magnets, the magnetic force cannot withstand the weight of the plate and there is a danger that it will fall off the wall.
  • Since the magnet sheet is small, there is a risk of accidental ingestion. Store in a place that is absolutely out of the reach of children Please be careful.
  • Magnets may lose their magnetic force if exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. Not suitable for use outdoors or on hot walls Please note that.
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