PL8 HERO Dog tag silencer, edge rubber, 18 types

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Selectable silencer


A silencer that fits the PL8 HERO's original dog tag.

A silencer is a rubber attached to the edge of a dog tag. Thanks to this rubber, you can prevent the rattling metallic noise. It also has a protective function to protect the edge of the dog tag.

PL8 HERO offers 18 types of silencers. You can choose from the ones you like.

* Silencer only sold.

Dog tag body

frequently asked Questions

Q: The item that arrived is circular and seems to have a different shape from the one in the top image. Is this a mistake?

A: It's not a mistake.When the product arrives, it is circular as shown in the picture below, but if you attach it to the dog tag body, it will be oval as shown in the top image without any problem, so please be assured.