What you can do with "normal customization" (Luggage Tag)

Usually customized Is Customized contents included in the product price And especially There is no additional charge .. First of all, please refer to the reference custom explanation image below.

▼ Example of explanation of customizable parts:

as mentioned above, [Character part] can be customized is! Elements (1) to (4) can be specified respectively. It may not be possible to customize depending on the design So, for details, see each product 2nd product image It is published in Explanatory image Please check more. 

▼ Flat finish


On FRP plate Only printed Flat finish Not embossed But that much Free placement is possible Therefore [No character limit] You can write your favorite characters with.

・ (1) Mainly usable characters

(1) Main character The fonts available for are similar to those used for American license plates.

for that reason, [Only letters that exist on American license plates] You can use it.

Specifically, what is shown in the image below is Available characters It will be.

○ (1) Characters that can be used as the main characters

  • Romaji capital letters
  • alphanumeric
  • Dodd, star, heart, hyphen

So far "Normal customization" It will be a customization content that can be done. in short, Custom content included in the product price is. 

More freedom with paid custom options!

In the paid custom option, various options such as logo insertion and font change, color change and icon addition are available.

You can customize it with a higher degree of freedom to make it a more special piece.

Click here for details on paid custom options