【NEW】ワクチン啓発ステッカー3種が新登場! | PL8HERO

[NEW] Three new vaccine enlightenment stickers are now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of 3 types of round vaccine enlightenment stickers!

The sticker says "I have vaccinated!", But of course, you can change the text to your liking.

As it is a water and weather resistant sticker, it can be attached to cars.

After the virus spread, "discrimination against numbers outside the prefecture" and "self-restraint police" became a hot topic.

Now that vaccination has begun, people are about to move again.

Therefore, I would be happy if I could put a sticker saying "I hit the vaccine!" And give "safety" and "vaccine enlightenment" as much as possible.

Click here for a list of vaccine awareness stickers

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